For the first time, zoos and aquariums can have ongoing, long-term and integrated evaluation of audience profile, visitor experience, membership retention patterns and educational impacts, with real-time comparisons to sector benchmarks.

Participating institutions will gain a more accurate insight into visitor experience through automated impact evaluation with built-in benchmarking.

Benchmarking in this initiative is made possible with very recent innovations in data aggregation technology developed by the research company Qualia Analytics open_in_new, which is delivering the automated data collection and real-time analysis services underpinning ZooWise.


Question Banking


Data Aggregation


Multi-Lingual Surveys


Real-Time Analysis


Project Dashboards



Data Collection Technology

To enable targeted improvements, information provided by audiences will be dynamically presented to institutional stakeholders in a user-friendly dashboard.

  1. Graphs summarize visitors' survey responses, underpinned by statistical analysis. Graphs and related analyses are customizable.
  2. Results are shown in the institution's dashboard in real-time, as survey responses are submitted.
  3. Comparison groups are automatically set by institution or activity type. Other benchmark groups can be set up by request.
  4. Data is owned by participating institutions and always downloadable.

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Review Survey Questions

The basis for benchmarking comparisons are a range of question options available to ZooWise stakeholders.


Project Inquiry

Representatives from interested zoos and aquariums are invited to submit general inquiries