Initiating the project

Proposed costs include consultation, survey design, and system delivery for visitor impact evaluation, real-time analytics and many other features noted in the proposal. Data collection tools and analytics are provided as part of the survey system for Entry Point data collection option with tablet(s) and offline data collection capabilities.

Ongoing services

Once the digital system is in place, tools for data collection from visitors, analysis and reporting are included under the ongoing service costs. Institutions participating with monthly billing includes ongoing services and support from system ‘go-live’ or one year for those with annual billing.


Using the calculator:
The tool above will estimate participation costs for your instituion. Simply select your institution type and an estimated annual number of visitors per year that visit. A quote will be prepared for you.

These costs are per site of data collection. Proposed costs are valid for up to 30 days.

  • more_vertCost Structure Explanation
    Cost Structure Explanation
    The ZooWise cost structure is based on four main factors:
    1. Whether your institution is for-profit or non-profit.
    2. The country your institution is in, determining "Tiers".
    3. The number of annual visitors your institution has.
    4. Whether you choose between monthly or annual billing option. If you choose the annual option, the cost includes one month free.
  • more_vertCountries & Tiers
    Countries & Tiers
    Costs are adjusted by country based on relative purchasing power and per capita gross domestic product.
  • more_vertAnnual Visitor Numbers
    Annual Visitor Numbers
    For institutions with less than 200,000 annual visitors additional cost reductions apply automatically. Institutions with over 200,000 annual visitors can still apply for cost reductions. Furthermore, institutions with under 10,000 annual visitors can apply to have their costs further reduced or waived entirely.
    Below 200,000 Below 100,000 Below 10,000
    30% 50% 70%

    In either special case, you are welcome to email about these adjustments.

done_all Next step:

Review Proposal and Scope of Delivery

This proposal outlines provisions for ZooWise participation, survey set-up & ongoing services


Project Inquiry

Representatives from interested zoos and aquariums are invited to submit general inquiries