Project Stage Estimated Duration Stage Requirements
Stage 1 Project Initiation & Proposal 2 weeks Review participation provisions, identify costs, sign proposal & delivery agreement.
Stage 2 Survey Design 2 weeks Communicate any specific inquires and collaborate on survey design.
Stage 3 Build Survey System 2 weeks Review of survey & system “draft” handover.
Stage 4 System handover and project launch. 1 week Collaboration on implementing within institution.
Stage 5 Project involvement and ongoing maintenance. Ongoing Ongoing participation to review results, contribute feedback and collaborate with ZooWise research and community.

Stage 1: Project Initiation & Proposal

Communicate any specific inquires, identify costs, sign proposal & agreement.

  • more_vertSet Up Meeting and Discuss Project Scope

    Skype or face-to-face meeting to discuss your institutions' evaluation needs, desired outcomes, and what do you want to know about your visitors.

    Schedule Appointment
  • more_vertProvide Evaluation Requirements

    Discuss your institution's current internal systems and/or procedures for evaluation and other business systems our delivery team may need for integration.

  • more_vertReview & Sign: Project Proposal (Scope of Delivery)

    The project proposal provides an overview of the scope of delivery. This includes a project summary, services, proposed delivery timeline, and participation costs. You will need ot review and sign the scope of delivery to begin.
    arrow_forwardReview proposal

  • more_vertReview & Sign: Agreement for Delivery & Services

    This is the participation agreement for delivery & services within the ZooWise project. This includes mutual expectations and commitments regarding survey system set-up and ongoing services.
    arrow_forwardReview agreement

  • more_vertProject Initiation

    The project will initiate from this point and move to the next stage.

Stage 2: Survey Design

The first stage involves consultation on survey design. This leads to a survey design that meets institutional requirements, while adhering to best practice and academic standards.

labelSurvey Design
  • more_vertConsult with ZooWise Representative About Project Implementation

    Consultation with ZooWise representative about how the survey will be implemented at your data collection site(s). This should be after the “diagnosis” of your institution’s needs, including current technical capabilities and a discussion of possible methods your institution is willing to consider in conjunction with your survey.

    • infoIdentify translation requirements
    • infoIdentify any specific challenges that will need to be addressed.
  • more_vertReceive Initial Survey Design

    Using questions list and institutional requirements, the ZooWise delivery team will provide you with an initial questionnaire to review. Requests for Bespoke survey questions will be sent to survey experts for review.

    1. Receive draft questionnaire for comments.
    2. Collect resources or notes from your team and send to your ZW team Point of Contact.
    3. Survey adjustments made by ZW team (along with internal review).
    4. Receive ZW approved survey design. Skype or face to face meeting to go through survey design and make adjustments. Provide final feedback.
    5. Respond with feedback to finalize the survey design. Skype or face to face meeting to go through survey design and make adjustments.
    6. Approve the final questionnaire design
    7. Should try to response to emails or request update on progress.
  • more_vertInstitutional Approval of Survey Design

    Stakeholders approve the final questionnaire design.

  • more_vertSurvey Design sent for build

    Confirmation of survey design initiates project implementation and the build of survey system.

Stage 3: Build Survey System

Once the methods and questionnaire are approved, documenttation transitions to the project delivery team to begin building your survey and system.

labelSurvey Build
  • more_vertBuild survey form in system

    Once survey is agreed with ZooWise representatives, the approved survey and methods documentation will transition to the project delivery team to begin build.

  • more_vertObtain language translations

    Implement language translations into the system and ensure accuracy.

  • more_vertSystem Integrations [If integration is required]

    The survey system will be integrated appropriately with any internal systems you indicated within consultation.

  • more_vertInstitutional Branding

    Ensure survey has all institutional logos, statements and other branding elements.

  • more_vertLegal Statements

    Provide a legal statement which can be linked into the institutions terms and conditions: '... that data from the booking system is being used in ZooWise surveys for research purposes and improving visitor experience only. Personal information will not be sold to third parties.' (This is standardized).

  • more_vertFinal Test and Quality Assurance Checks.

    This includes thorough testing of the survey, survey system and any integrated Systems.

  • more_vertDashboard Set Up

    Log into the dashboard for graphs and relevant national and international benchmark categories.

  • more_vertMeeting with ZW team to Discuss Deliverable (optional, if needed)

    Skype or face-to-face meeting to orient to your system and make any final adjustments.

Stage 4: System Handover & Project Launch

Following survey system delivery, testing and quality assurance, handover to stakeholders takes place.

labelParticipant Development
  • more_vertDashboard Sign in Details for Your Staff

    [Manual process only - temporary] Contact institution with login details for staff members for their dashboard. Check their understanding of the system.

    [Automated process] Provide link for institutions to provide their staff for self-registration.

  • more_vertWelcome Packet and staff handover developed

    Receive a Welcome Pack for orientation to the system delivery and data collection process.

  • more_vertLaunch Pilot and Make System Live 

    This initiates an initial live pilot test to ensure every aspect of the survey and system is functioning as they should (e.g., to ensure benchmark graphs receive live updates and display correctly on dashboards). This is a precursor step to ensure the system is 100% accessible on day of launch and will require your approval to launch the survey.

  • more_vertMake final adjustments to the system

    Pilot testing may result in a call for attention to issues not previously foreseen. Final adjustments may be needed in this step.

  • more_vertFinancial admin: Invoice for System Delivery 

    Financial administrators will handle invoicing and payment methods, e.g., credit card or direct debit; annual (includes one month discount) or monthly payments based on your selections.

    1. Confirmation of payment preferences
    2. Review Invoice and Either request changes or approve.
    3. Receive update from finance when payment is received.
  • more_vertReceive Relevant Information to Assist in its Publicity.

    Relevant departments (e.g., marketing and education departments) are provided with relevant press release information for the project to place on the website.

Stage 5: Project Involvement & Ongoing Maintenance

From this point, research and participation in the projects fully commence.

labelCase Study
  • more_vertYour Case Study

    Your case study will combine project requirements from the initial consultation phase with the final agreed solution and what was delivered (needs explanation and visuals) to your institution. This will be developed more fully as responses accumulate and analytics take shape.

    1. ZooWise team develops the case study.
    2. Case Study sent to you to review.
    3. Case study approval and permission to publicize your participation on the ZW website.
    4. Case study implemented on ZW website.
  • more_vertPublicise participation on ZooWise Website

    Ensure that your institution’s logo is displayed on ZooWise website with an attached case study.

  • more_vertProvide ongoing feedback about your participation

    You should continuously engage with ZooWise representatives around your satisfaction with your evaluation system, usefulness of the response data and analytics you're receiving.

    1. Users are asked to provide feedback about the dashboard and analytics.
    2. Feedback and respond to regular checks every 3-months over the project.
  • more_vertOngoing Maintenance of Survey and System

    The project team will conduct regular checks on the research data, response rates, or any issues that may arise unexpectedly in data that may require attention from stakeholders (e.g., consistent negative impact results or poor response rates). For example, if issues with response rates arise, discussion is suggested by the ZooWise research team around potential strategies to increase uptake of the survey, such as adjustments to communication with visitors about the survey, participation incentives, or adjustments to invitation emails.

    1. Align checks with Feedback cycles.
    2. Regularly check that data is coming into the system. (Contact the ZW team if there have been no response for some time).
    3. Discuss the data and findings of interest.
  • more_vertSet up Links with other Institutions

    Ensure you have log in access to the community discussion board and links to discussion forum/articles/troubleshooting pages for participating institutions to discuss analytics and benchmarking.

  • more_vertOngoing involvement in Community of Institutions

    Includes communication with other institutions in the ZooWise community either directly through the community forum or indirectly via contribution to publication materials that use the institutions’ data.