Project Team

The ZooWise project team ensures the day-to-day delivery of the project.

Research Team
Andres Vargas
Research Manager | South America
Carolina Hernandez
Research Manager | South America
Catalina Silva-Plata
Research Manager | South America
Marije Maliepaard
Research Associate | Europe
Outreach Team
Paola Losada
Outreach Manager
Operations Team
Luis Diaz
Technical Operations Manager | Spain
Daniel Berenguer
Operations Associate| Spain
Jose Berenguer
General Manager | Spain
Communications & Design Team
Laura Melgoa
Laura Melgao
ZooWise Communications

done_all Next step:

Review Proposal and Scope of Delivery

This proposal outlines provisions for project participation, survey platform set-up & ongoing services


Project Inquiry

Representatives from interested zoos and aquariums are invited to submit general inquiries about the ZooWise research project through the form below.